Why You Should Seriously Consider Hiring an ‘On-the-day’ Wedding Coordinator.

So you’ve spent, weeks, months maybe even years planning your dream wedding. The date is fast approaching and you have everything in place. You have great organisational skills and a supportive bridal party who have been chipping in throughout the process. Wedding Coordinator? Why would you need one of those when you have done such a good job so far? Here are the reasons why.

Fun for ALL of your guests

Without a wedding coordinator the job of ensuring everything runs smoothly will ultimately fall to your appointed family or friends. Instead of being able to fully immerse themselves in the fun and revelry, they will be preoccupied with ensuring your day runs smoothly. Why should they miss out on the fun?

Peace of mind

Contrary to popular belief, wedding coordination is a profession. It requires experience, skill and the ability to work under extreme pressure. This enables proficient coordinators to execute weddings to a professional standard. Your friends and family may be able to do a good job if everything goes to plan but what happens if things don’t go to plan. How will they cope? Will they know what to do? A wedding coordinator will and this will give you the peace of mind that you want when shelling out thousands of pounds on your special day.

Maintaining relationships

If things do go wrong and your family or friends are responsible it could lead to major rifts that ruin your relationships. You cannot really expect that individuals who are not trained or experienced in wedding coordination can be held responsible if things go awry. However, with tensions running high during weddings, it is quite possible that you will and end up losing a friend. Do you really want to take that risk? A wedding planner will ensure that this is not even a possibility.

Quality control

As previously mentioned, wedding coordinators are experienced in managing wedding days and working under extreme pressure. Hiring one will ensure that the investment you have made in your wedding is worth it by reducing the chance of something going wrong. Do you want to spend thousands of pounds planning the perfect day only to scrimp on its delivery? The coordinator will liaise with suppliers beforehand and ensure all of your plans are logistically sound. They will manage the schedule on the day as well as implement any special measures if anything changes. If you are going to spend a lot of money on your big day, you don’t want it to fall apart at the last hurdle. It’s like buying a brand spanking new mansion and furnishing it with cast offs from friends and family. Why would you do that? If you want quality you need to hire the professionals.

It is not as expensive as you may think

You can hire a wedding coordinator for £400 – £1000 depending on the number of guests you have attending your wedding. Given that the average UK wedding costs around £26,000 and the average luxury wedding costs £35,000 the price of a wedding coordinator is a very small fraction of the overall cost of the wedding. It is a particularly small price to pay for all of the above.

Happy Planning x

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