The Best Wedding Ever – Indian Fusion

Indian Fusion Weddings

I have been to many Indian Weddings over the years and I must say, like Nigerians, an Indian wedding is always a particularly extravagant affair. The invitations alone are some of the most beautiful and ornate pieces of art I have ever seen. You can therefore imagine my excitement when a beautiful purple, gold leaf encrusted invite landed on my door step a few months ago. I spent at least twenty minutes inspecting each individual item within the pack which included two invitations, rsvp card and a number of other pretty sheets of wedding information.

The wedding took place in Hounslow in London at a fairly standard sounding hotel but I wasn’t going to be fooled into thinking it would be a standard wedding. I had been to weddings thrown by this family before so I knew that whatever venue I would be stepping into would have been transformed into an eye-popping display of Indian opulence. As I walked into the hotel I was not disappointed. Continue reading