A Nigerian Traditional Engagement

I recently attended a Nigerian traditional engagement. The bride like me was Jamaican marrying a Nigerian groom. I wasn’t made aware of this fact until I arrived at the event. I was a little salty about the fact that I and my hubby didn’t have a traditional ceremony due to him not having much family in the UK and him not being particularly interested in having one. I was pretty annoyed at the time but had pretty much forgotten about it, until I got to this event.

I have attended many traditional engagements before but none since I had been engaged or married. I absolutely love the tradition of the ceremony. The room was colourfully decorated and all the guests were adorned in beautiful Nigerian attire. The colours and fabrics were absolutely gorgeous and most women wore elaborate gele’s (This is a traditional Nigerian cloth which women wrap around their heads. There are many variations of how they wrap it.)

The bride’s parents had made a real effort to embrace their son in laws culture. The father looked very regal in his white agbada (a long robe worn over clothes) and hat. The mother of the bride wore a green buba and iro (A Buba is a loose fitting blouse with long sleeves and a neckline that is either V-shaped or round. It usually falls a little below a women’s waist. Iros are long wrap-around skirts. The rectangular skirt is worn by wrapping it around the waste and tucking it in at the end.) She also wore a very sizeable gele.

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