Couples ‘engage’ in a new Bridal Masterclass event!

On Saturday 1st April 2017, The Alternative Wedding Group hosted the ‘first of its kind’ Bridal Masterclass event in Birmingham, created to support couples plan their own weddings. The event was held at the prestigious Park Regis Hotel and featured an array of expert speakers from the industry. The event received raving reviews from the attendees with 100% of couples that attended the event rated it as excellent, informative and useful for planning their own weddings.

The unique programme offered interactive learning, practical solutions and best practice examples to help couples plan and manage wedding related processes effectively. Never before in the UK has there been a wedding planning course tailored specifically for bride & grooms to be that featured such a dynamic and diverse programme of expert industry speakers.

The intimate event welcomed 18 brides/grooms of which some were accompanied with family and friends. The day was full of information and expert advice from some of the industries top practitioners. Amadeus Food, Lensi Photography, Park Regis Birmingham, Elegant Entertainment and Mahirs Experience were amongst the speakers that delivered half hour sessions throughout the day. The day was then concluded by a session from Mr. & Mrs. Walters, a married couple who recently celebrated their 30th year wedding anniversary. The inspiring couple offered tips and advice on how to have a successful long marriage. A perfect end to a great day.

The Bridal Masterclass was the brainchild of Truchio Powell, the Managing Director of the Alternative Wedding Group who said,

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting but, at the same time can also be very stressful, confusing and overwhelming. Being organised and understanding the processes behind planning a wedding could be crucial when executing a successful wedding. Being in the industry we see and hear lots of horror stories when things have gone wrong and we wanted to educate couples to make the right decisions and follow the correct process when planning their wedding. We wanted to create a bespoke course that is tailor made for the couples themselves so they can make the right decisions when planning their big day.

Couples organising their own wedding day in recent years has become increasingly popular. Couples now want to have more of an active role in, what is seen as the most important day of their lives. Today, 68% of couples in the UK plan their own weddings. Planning a wedding can cause a multitude of challenges and apprehension therefore its really timely and beneficial that the Alternative Wedding Group has put together the most sought after one day Masterclass containing everything a bride needs to know when planning one of the biggest day of her life.

Simone Johnson, one of the brides to be who attended the Masterclass commented,

I highly recommend for any bride to be to attend the masterclass day. I have come away feeling more confident, knowledgeable and in control of my planning and exciting journey. All of the guest speakers were very authentic in their delivery of their presentations. You could see how passionate they was in regards to what they do and how they deliver their product or service to you for your special day. It was also a blessing to meet other brides to be and members of family coming together and helping each other in planning their wedding day and their journey beyond!

As well as the event being beneficial to the couples itself, the day proved to be equally popular amongst the industry guest speakers. Denise Maxwell, Lead Photographer and Owner of Lensi Photography said,

Attending the Bridal Masterclass I was not quite sure what to expect but was really surprised at how useful it was. Vendors including myself also had the opportunity to give more information about the industry and how to make your decisions about suppliers, than we would normally do in dedicated 1:1 meetings, which was great for us. A very unique way of couples getting the information they need to plan their wedding, instead of or in addition to attending wedding fayres. It was a good day all round and a great move in wedding planning for any bride and groom to be.

The event was an all round success with the engaged couples. This is a new way of wedding planning that proved to be very popular amongst brides and grooms to be. Plans are being made to deliver the next Masterclass in October.

If you would like to reserve a space at the next masterclass please email hello@thealternativeweddinggroup to reserve your space.







2 thoughts on “Couples ‘engage’ in a new Bridal Masterclass event!

  1. Absolutely fantastic reviews. Anyone getting married for the 1st 2nd even 4th time would benefit from the Alternative Wedding masterclasses. The dedication and hard work from Tru Powell and the rest of the group of people who have United to bring together this wedding masterclass has to be applauded. My sister and her daughter in law have attended one of the masterclasses and the feedback and details relayed to me made me feel as if I was there. Such professionalism. Everything that you can think of to do with weddings can be done or adapted to suit ones taste. Well done. A must visit for the future


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