How Do I Get My Groom Interested In Planning Our Wedding


Your wedding day is fast approaching and you have a thousand and one things to check off your to do list. As much as you are stressed, you are also revelling in the excitement in the run up to your big day. Even the smallest of details excites you as it provides a glimpse of how your big day will come together. You pore over websites and wedding magazines for hours seeking inspiration and spend countless weekends traipsing through wedding fayres. However, no matter how excited you are or how important the planning is to you, your groom is not showing any interest. He gives lacklustre responses when you ask his preferences on reception details. He shrugs when you ask him to pick his preferred colour scheme. He refuses to attend any wedding fayres or watch one of the many wedding shows you have become addicted to. Instead he would rather watch match of the day.

So how do you get around this problem? You don’t. For the most part the wedding is primarily about the woman. The average man is not interested in flowers or colour schemes, or the difference between silk or organic rose petals. Do not create tension or disharmony by forcing your groom-to-be to focus on things which simply are not that important to him. Instead get him involved in a few of the areas that may interest him:

  1. Picking a great DJ – Place him in charge of finding a DJ that suits both of your musical styles. Have him compile a list of ‘must play’ tracks.
  2. Tasting the food – Who doesn’t like eating? Get him to accompany you to the food tasting sessions with the caterers.
  3. Tasting the cakes – This works particularly well if your groom has a sweet tooth. An afternoon of red velvet and vanilla cream will keep anyone’s interested.
  4. His suit – Whilst you may want to play a part in picking out his outfit, ideally you should leave this one to him. Provide a few guidelines and let him and his groomsmen figure the rest out. Whilst a lot of men don’t typically like shopping, they do like to look good. The same applies for the groomsmen outfits.
  5. Picking the Car – A lot of men are car crazy. What better way to engage them in the wedding than by placing them in charge of picking a luxury vehicle that he is going to pull up in. Maserati, Rolls Royce, Ferrari…whatever floats his boat (and fits your budget of course) let him fulfill his dreams.

As long as you appreciate that men will be men and allow your hubby to indulge in the areas of the wedding that he has a genuine interest in, you will avoid disappointment on your part. Happy Planning.

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