Gift List, Honeymoon Registry, Boxed Gifts or Cash Gifts??


Most people know that it is polite to purchase a gift for the couple when attending a wedding. However, the format of how a wedding gift is both given and requested has changed significantly over the past ten years. There are a variety of options available for today’s couple especially with the incorporation of the internet.

Boxed Gifts

Some people feel uncomfortable requesting specific items from their guests and so prefer not to stipulate what they would like to receive. Instead they allocate a space at the wedding for boxed gifts to be placed.


The surprise of not knowing what gifts people have purchased for you can create post wedding excitement.

People may surprise you with the quality and variety of items they purchase for you.

Guests may appreciate not being encouraged to purchase exactly what you want and be a little more generous.


Receiving unwanted gifts can be awkward. If you throw them away or sell them family/friends may be offended. However, keeping them may clutter your home.

Can create unnecessary logistical problems trying to transport lots of gifts from the reception venue to your home.

Some people prefer a bit of guidance when purchasing gifts and may find it daunting trying to find a good gift with no direction.

Gifts could get broken or stolen at your wedding or en route home.

Gift List/Registry

Gift lists and gift registry’s are a standard way for couples to communicate to their guests the exact gifts they wish to receive. There are a number of traditional providers including Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser that offer excellent variety. These lists can be accessed online or in store making them accessible to everyone.

If you are looking for something a little more alternative The Mint List, The Alternative Wedding List and The Bottom Drawer all offer great alternative options.


You are able to specify exactly what you want and cut out the possibility of receiving unwanted gifts.

No possibility of duplication of gifts.

Provide your guests with a quick and easy option to purchase something for you without agonising over the decision.

Having everything delivered to your home on a specified date makes for an easy life.

If you arrange for your items to be delivered when you return from honeymoon this can help stave off post wedding blues by giving you something to look forward to.

Online stores for the internet users and store access for the more traditional guests.


Some guests may not respond well to having to pick from a gift list and prefer to pick something themselves

As you formulate the list, it takes away the surprise element

Creating the perfect list can sometimes create tension between couples who may have different tastes and interests.

Honeymoon Registry

If you have been living with your betrothed for a significant period of time you may not have any requirements for household items. As such a honeymoon registry may be the perfect alternative registry for you. It works in a very similar way to a gift registry but instead of items, guests pay for elements of your honeymoon. This could include romantic dinners on the beach, treatments at the spa or excursions.

Alternatively guests can contribute more practically by contributing towards flights and accommodation enabling you to go somewhere even more extravagant than you could afford yourself. Sites such as Honeyfund, Our Dream Honeymoon and Honeymoon Wishes all offer great choices.


Your guests get to contribute to you having an amazing honeymoon

No unwanted gifts

You get to build your perfect honeymoon itinerary without paying for it

You get to visit a once in a lifetime destination thanks to your family and friends

Generally a simple and easy process for both you and your guests


Some guests may feel resentful of sending you on a once in a lifetime holiday that they themselves may want to go on and refuse to contribute.

Some registries require multiple contributions. If you don’t get enough contributions to specific areas you may not be able to do them and instead receive resort credits for something less extravagant.

Can be quite expensive

Not all honeymoon destinations participate

Cash Gifts

You have everything you want for your home, your honeymoon is booked but what you really would like is cash to spend on honeymoon or for a major post wedding purchase. Cash gifts can simply be placed in your wedding cards, or you could share bank account details and ask for deposits to be made. Alternatively you can use an online site such as Just the Thing and Zankyou both provide discreet and user friendly options for accepting cash.


It is easier for guests to simply put notes into a card without having to go shopping

If everyone contributes you could raise a tidy sum

You can use the cash to purchase whatever you choose to


People may be offended if you ask for money, especially if they think you are in a more financially stable than them

No lasting momentum of what each person brought you for your wedding

You may overestimate how much money you will raise and end up disappointed

Whatever option you choose please be prepared that some of your guests will still do the opposite of what you request. Ensure that any requests are worded politely in your invites. Before finalising invites, ask a few friends to read your gift request to ensure it doesn’t sound offensive.

Happy Planning x

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