60 Seconds with The Alternative Wedding Group


Q: Who is the Alternative Wedding Group?

Luxury alternative wedding planning company run by Truchio Powell and Daniella Genas-Ogunbanjo.

Q: What is an “alternative wedding”?

Weddings that do not fit within the mainstream ideal.

Q: What exactly makes you different to other wedding companies?

Our extensive experience in coordinating alternative weddings (specifically the inter-racial and cross cultural weddings) enables us to coordinate alternative weddings authentically.

Q: Why did you start the company?

Primarily because we were dissatisfied with the offering for non-conventional couples by the mainstream wedding industry and our belief that every couple should be able to have their dream day, their way.

Q: Who is your dream client?

A high profile inter-racial couple planning a truly luxury alternative wedding with elements of two completely different cultures e.g. Indian meets Nigerian or Chinese meets Ghanaian.

Q: What are a few of your favourite alternative/luxury wedding trends?

We are in love with suspended cakes!

Q: How can people get in touch?

We are available via the phone on 0121 622 3603

Or via email thealternativeweddinggroup@aspire4u.co.uk

You can also visit our website www.thealternativeweddinggroup.co.uk

Or our blog site www.thealternativeweddinggroup.wordpress.com

We are also on social media:

Facebook: The Alternative Wedding Group

Instagram: Thealternativeweddinggroup

Pinterest: The Alt Wedding Group

Twitter: @altweddinggroup

Click here to read the full version of this interview> 5 Minutes with the Alternative Wedding Group 

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