Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner??

We often speak to engaged couples about their big plans for their luxury weddings. They mention how important it is to wow their guests and have a spectacular day, yet they sometimes seem reluctant to hire a wedding planner.

Some couples are under the impression that wedding planning is an easy undertaking and as such feel that they can quite easily plan their dream day themselves. Of course you can plan your own wedding yourself but will it be to the standard that you dream of?

If you are planning a high end luxury wedding but have no prior wedding planning experience, hiring a wedding planner is the only way to guarantee that you not only get the day you have dreamed of, but also with minimal stress.

You are possibly reading this thinking that of course we would say that as we are wedding planners. So here a few reasons why we are correct for more than the reason that we want you to hire us:

Supplier Contacts

We believe weddings are productions! In order for your production to be executed to a high standard, it is imperative that all of the crew members work towards the same goal. We have built trusted relationships with a large number of quality suppliers who we can guarantee will work with us to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

If your wedding requires the contracting of a supplier we do not know, we are adequately experienced to source, negotiate and troubleshoot.

Ask Yourself: Do you know what terms and conditions should be in a wedding photographer contract?  Do you know what certification a caterer must have? Can you afford to hire a supplier that cancels at the last minute?

Industry Knowledge

Whilst you may have style, class and a pretty good idea of what you want, if you don’t plan weddings for a living, you don’t know about what you don’t know. You won’t know about emerging trends or special new to the market must have extras that wedding planners are privy too. There are lots of way industry knowledge and experience will seriously enhance your wedding day transforming it from ‘just another wedding’ to a spectacular, unforgettable wedding event.

There are some things you may be able to pick up from reading bridal magazines and visiting websites, but other than the fact that this can be incredibly time consuming and tedious, it won’t equip you with years of experience.

Ask Yourself: Do you want your wedding to look and feel the same as everyone else’s?

Stress Minimisation

In the same way that planning anything spectacular, planning a show-stopping, memorable wedding can be incredibly stressful. There are so many things to coordinate and even more things to try and remember. To plan a truly spectacular wedding takes time, dedication & focus.

If you are working, have children or any sort of social life, planning a wedding will seriously impede on these things causing unnecessary stress. Research, negotiation and booking suppliers can be stressful in itself without having to juggle your other responsibilities on top. Wouldn’t you rather spend your engagement bonding with your other half as opposed to arguing about the minutiae of wedding planning?

A wedding planner will deal with all of the stressful elements leaving you stress free and ready to show up to your wedding minus stress and worry lines. You can still have an active involvement if you so choose but why not stick to getting involved in the fun bits.

Ask Yourself: Wouldn’t you prefer to spend the weekend socialising and having fun instead of arguing with suppliers, poring through spreadsheets and creating never ending mood boards?

Dealing with your guests

One of the biggest stress factors when planning a wedding is dealing with guests. Questions, complaints, opinions and problem-solving requests can be never ending and can raise your blood pressure significantly. The people you invite to your wedding are generally people you love and care about whom you don’t want to argue with or fall out with completely. However many people do fall out with loved ones during the wedding planning process. This can be due to the bride and groom having to deal with all of the guest communication when they are already highly stressed.

A wedding planner can act as the single point of contact during the wedding planning process. This can include chasing RSVP’s and food preferences, assisting with arranging travel & accommodation and dealing with general queries and complaints. They in effect act as a buffer between you and your loved ones enabling you to remain stress free and keeping your valued relationships in-tact.

Ask Yourself: Do you really want to spend every evening leading up to your wedding answering the same questions over and over again?

On the day experience

On the day of your wedding you and your loved ones should only be concerned with having an amazing time. You shouldn’t be dealing with suppliers or managing the schedule. A good wedding planner will generally be an excellent coordinator for the day of your wedding ensuring everything runs smoothly. Why spend thousands of pounds for everything to fall to pieces on the day?

You may think between your bridal party and your family everything will work out. But you shouldn’t want it to work out, you should want it to exceed expectations. You also don’t want your loved ones fire-fighting on the day of your wedding, you want them to be having fun with you. Plus wedding coordinators have experience of wedding coordination, your bridal party/family don’t, (unless they are wedding coordinators of course). We know what to expect and can pre-empt things going wrong so that they don’t.

Ask Yourself: Do you want to spend thousands of pounds on creating your dream day for it to be executed poorly and fail to impress?

If you are still adamant that you can plan and run your own wedding, then at least attend a wedding master-class to ensure you are well prepared.

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